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Reba Holdings develops real estate with intuition and respect, along with the goal of always adding value to our partners & communities.

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Our Approach

Unlocking value in commercial real estate opportunities in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.


Neighborhood Focused Development

Assembling a critical mass of ownership while adding value through smart tenant placement and efficient design and construction.


Tenant Focused Development

We often acquire assets with a tenant relationship already in mind, immediately transforming the value of the acquisition.


Industrial Development

Investing in an asset class experiencing expanding demand and projected rent growth.


Private Lending

Providing capital with guidance to generate more value for our tenants and partners.


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Reba Holdings, LLC

Our Approach

Unlocking value in commercial real estate opportunities in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Reba Holdings is a real estate development company focused on development and management of a diverse portfolio of properties throughout MD, DC, and VA. Beyond developing value and opportunities for our financial partners, we strive to be a vessel for positive action, ensuring each project generates value for all stakeholders including the community.

From small to large, new construction to adaptive reuse, neighborhood retail to last mile industrial, Reba has conquered the challenges and experienced the victories that come from developing a broad spectrum of opportunities. With nearly 20 years in development experience, Reba has built new communities and contributed to the rich legacy of neighborhoods throughout the DC Baltimore Metro Areas alongside a vast network of partners, experts, tenants, and businesses within the real estate industry. Reba is committed to respecting communities, creating genuine relationships, and valuing honesty.

Named after owner, Jeremy Landsman’s steadfast German Shepherd - Reba - this carefully built development company combines Jeremy's tenacity, positivity, innate ability to identify opportunities, and his leadership along the way to the best possible strategy and outcomes. Jeremy is a known presence in the communities in which the firm invests because of his firm belief that a hands-on approach to understanding a market is the best way to develop value for Reba's partners.

“A lot of people bring a lot of BS. Jeremy knows how to get things done. That's his strength. Going through the hay and finding the needle.”

-David Berg, BERG Demolition

A team of sharp, intuitive, and dedicated professionals have come together to provide their best-in-class expertise to the Reba Holdings portfolio and development projects. Reba Holdings' long record of success comes from the team at the center of it all.

Our team

Jeremy Landsman

Jeremy Landsman began his career in commercial real estate development in 2002 and defined his core tenets of real estate development early on: use intuition, respect the neighborhood, and always add value to the project. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Towson University and an MBA with a focus in Management from California Coast University.

He lives in Owings Mills with his wife Suzanne Katz and son Meyer.

Ross Conn

Ross’s primary focus is the retail sector but has extensive experience with industrial and flex properties as well.

Born in Washington DC, Ross graduated from DeMatha Catholic High School and received his BA from The University of Maryland. He is a licensed Broker in Maryland, DC and Virginia and is member of the National Association of Realtors and the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors. Ross and his wife currently reside in Montgomery County, MD.

Hunter Piel

Hunter represents investors and landlords in commercial and multi-family real estate projects, including a significant amount of retail leasing. Hunter serves as lender’s counsel to regional and community banks and lending institutions in connection with the origination of commercial loans, including, without limitation, real estate acquisitions, construction financing, residential subdivisions and asset-based financing.

He was named a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers Magazine in 2013 and 2014.

Kyle Leibowitz

Kyle Leibowitz is focused on Landlord and Tenant representation in the Baltimore/DC metro area. He is licensed in the state of Maryland and is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers. He has earned his Bachelors Degree in Finance at Towson University.

Kyle is a native of Baltimore and has vast experience working with small business owners in the region.

Steve Levine

Steve’s public accounting experience dates from 1976. His primary areas of expertise are business consulting and financial planning for small- to mid-sized businesses, tax planning for businesses and individuals, and estate planning. Steve has an extensive tax planning background as well as broad experience representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service for individual and business audits. With his “hands-on” approach of client consulting, Steve provides a significant contribution to the team.


Reba the German Shepherd is a known figure around town. you might have spotted her as the face on one of Hampden's many branded flags, or just walking the avenue with Jeremy and family. Say hello next time you do, she's the best!

Neighborhood Focused Development

Assembling a critical mass of ownership while adding value through smart tenant placement and efficient design and construction.

Neighborhood focused development is at the core of Reba Holdings' long-term success in building value for our partners. By applying our focus and full range of talents as we build a presence within a neighborhood we become a leading force in the evolution of that community over time. Our vested stake in the health of the local economy become our credibility on the ground, and the vocal support of our tenants helps open doors to attracting exciting new businesses and talent. We build community support through action and consistent attention.

We are honest with ourselves and our neighbors - only doing a deal if it will truly make a place better than we found it. By embracing transparency, we develop long-standing relationships and build trust among local communities. Neighborhood focused development is a 'big picture' strategy where 1+1=3. Because the firm is so flexible and opportunity focused, we are able to create velocity within a market through ownership across most or all asset types including multifamily, industrial, retail, office, and ground up development. Reba has successfully executed a neighborhood focused development strategy in several locations including Fells Point, Towson, Downtown Columbia, and most notably Hampden.


Hampden is one of Baltimore's most eclectic neighborhoods. It is also the center of Reba Development’s food and beverage-focused projects.

"If quirky were a place in Baltimore, it would be Hampden. This community got its start as a home for local factory workers. Fast-forward a couple of hundred years, and now it’s home to wine bars, restaurants, art galleries and cute boutiques."

The Washington Post

Much of the authenticity that resonates with locals and visitors alike comes from the thriving food and beverage scene along Hampden's "Avenue." As an epicenter of retail and dining in the city, the draw of Hampden is undeniable.

Reba Holdings has assembled and developed a critical mass of properties in Hampden, directly contributing the vibe that visitors immediately recognize and love, including:

The Food Market

1017 West 36th St. had been operating as a food market since the early 1900s. When we found it, it was a run down, failing, grocery store.

We made the decision to lease it to an exciting new restaurant venture known simply as “The Food Market”. The tenant invested nearly a million dollars to build out the first floor and lower level. The industrial-modern space is home to the award-winning cuisine of Chef Chad Gauss, named “Best New Chef” in 2010 by Baltimore Magazine. Today, it has one of the highest per-foot sales of any restaurant in Baltimore.

Good Neighbor

Reba Holdings acquired 3827 Falls Road in Hampden, which was formerly Sirkis Hardware sitting beneath a set of row homes built in 1900. The property had fallen into a state of disrepair along the bustling corridor of Falls Road.

The activation of this portion of Falls Road has invigorated development beyond Hampden's concentrated Avenue. Situated by Papi's Tacos, Wishbone Reserve, and including an unexpected Greenhouse component, this property's redevelopment has spurred another wave of interest in the area and has been immediately embraced by the community.

The Charmery

Reba Holdings purchased a vacant old pharmacy, on a prime corner in Hampden. As is often the case, we had the choice of leasing it to Domino’s Pizza with a corporate guarantee, or taking a risk with an entrepreneurial pair of locals - David and Laura Alima, aspiring ice creamers.

Reba took the risk believing in the value of a locally-run and driven operations team, and today the Charmery is one of the best independent ice cream stores in the country - and an iconic Baltimore landmark.

Bluebird Cocktail Room

Built in the 1920’s the Red Men’s club once had over 500 active members at 3600 Hickory Ave in Hampden - but the building had since fallen into disrepair and had only a few members left by the time Reba Holdings acquired it.

We installed a sprinkler system throughout the building, and divide it into six separate spaces, all of which became thriving tenants in their own right. The most popular of the mix, The Bluebird Cocktail room brings high-end cocktails in a moody and elegant atmosphere on the second story of the property.

Tenant Focused Development

We often acquire assets with a tenant relationship already in mind, immediately transforming the value of the acquisition.

The Right Relationships for the Right Mix

With two decades of experience Reba Holdings has developed strong tenant relationships that add value to our acquisitions, from national retailers to growing local businesses.

Whether it’s budding entrepreneurs looking to open their food and beverage concept, or established international brands like 7-11 or Verizon Wireless, Reba Holdings maintains the right relationships to bring about the ideal tenant mix for a project. When everyone from beloved local ice cream pioneers to national convenience brands is in our network, our tenant focused approach yields results for everyone involved.

Reba holdings 711 tenant

We’ve built a lot of our tenants relationships, nationally – Verizon Wireless, McDonalds, Walgreens, 7-11, and other national retailers trust Reba Holdings for our local knowledge and boots on the ground approach. In developing with them, we find the land, work with the team to come up with design, and oversee the development process locally. It's win-win for all parties that immediately adds value to an asset.

With local tenants, on a case-by-case basis we've begun to assign equity in the development – providing an incentive to remain strong partners so that everyone wins, at any scale.

This type of relationship building is the core of our tenant focused approach.

Reba holdings hamdpen

Do you have a concept that is poised for growth?

Industrial Development

Investing in an asset class experiencing expanding demand and projected rent growth.

The importance of industrial real estate in the future of our portfolio cannot be understated. COVID-19 has propelled the market growth forward by several years and we anticipate significant rent growth over coming years as e-commerce experiences unprecedented expansion. With an ample demand, industrial space is a long-term investment that pays.

Where we might lose the curb appeal of retail, we gain high performing properties for both Reba and our investors. We’re currently experiencing industrial rent growth like we’ve never seen before in any other asset class in our 20-year history of transactions.

Clipper Mill Industrial Park

Reba Holdings acquired this industrial property on the outskirts of the Hampden Neighborhood in Baltimore, MD. We added value by leasing up the property from 40% occupancy to 100%, and then sold to a Chinese sovereign wealth fund for approximately 125% increase over our purchase price within a year of the acquisition to a Chinese sovereign wealth fund.

We recognize industrial real estate as a significant opportunity in the coming years. The COVID pandemic has pushed the market forward by 5 years in just a few months. Reba is currently actively pursuing industrial opportunities and currently has several under contract. We’re ready to do more deals in this asset class.

Private Lending

Providing capital with guidance to generate more value for our tenants and partners.

Bigger than the small, but smaller than the big - we fill the need between large institutional and small local private capital.

We are highly skilled at deploying capital where we understand the value and location of the asset itself. We back up our investment by providing our attention and experience in the pursuit of the best performance of our borrower and asset.

Reba food market jeremy landsman

Adding value through experience, capital, and relationships:

It all ties back to strong relationships, and we like people so strong relationships come easily for us. In tougher times where liquidity is constrained, we find that there is a real opportunity to fill a non-conventional funding role.

We create a win-win deal – we will originate the loan, vet the loan, come up with the deal and bring in private money that will yield more return than otherwise typically possible.

We like to help ambitious people initiate smaller projects, especially in a time when it’s tough to get anything done – private lending keeps small development happening in between larger projects and helps fill gaps in our communities.

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